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Contemporary European artist Erion Kllokoqi, b. 2000, Prishtina, studied at Fakulteti i Arteve Prishtine, where his studies focused on classical art and human anatomy. Immersing himself in the art of academic painters such as Caravaggio, Erion delved into the minutia of each stroke, and gained a wide breadth of knowledge of the various techniques used amongst these artists. It is with this deep understanding of mastery of medium, that Erion was able to  apply these methods into contemporary practice where he developed his own signature style that is reminiscent of the old masters, though with a relevancy of contemporary art . With a focus on the human figure, Erion's work is centred on expression through form, where our bodies are the subject of communication, and each expressive stroke is imbued with intent and emotion. Erions evident passion and strong understanding of the human figure, paired with his honed technical skills have allowed this emerging artist to create ardent figures that are classic, poised, and elegant, that are sure to stand the test of time- making them a beautiful addition to any collection. 

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