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HASK Studio founded by Henry Alan Steven King, b. 1964, Nassau Bahamas, creates sustainable bench-made wood furniture  and functional art. Currently residing in Prince Edward Island, Canada, the unique pieces are created with exotic wood cut offs  sourced from a local mill.  His functional art not only looks stunning, but also has a small environmental footprint, so each piece provides an eco-conscious option in a luxury product.

"Ethical forestry is something I strongly believe in.  I obtain my wood from a local lumber mill that is committed to sustainability and renewable harvesting practices. 

Trees are removed during the end of their natural lifecycle, allowing the new growth to thrive. This creates a complex, multi-age forest that is better suited to withstand natural disasters, pests and disease.

The mill is also environmentally responsible. Scrap is used to provide heat for the business facilities as well as to dry the lumber, thereby reducing the dependency on fossil fuels. Shavings and sawdust are used for livestock bedding and to line local walking trails. Nothing goes to waste during the lumber production process.

By using locally sourced materials instead of importing wood from other geographic regions, I reduce my overall environmental footprint. Prince Edward Island is blessed with a wide range of amazing tree species, each with their own unique grain, texture and colour, including: Curly Maple, Spalted Ash, Red Oak, Jack Pine, Eastern Cedar, Larch, Walnut, American Beech, Elm, Birdseye Maple and Trembling Aspen. The varieties provide me a wonderful canvass to work with."

We have teamed up with the master craftsman, to create custom pieces such as side tables, artwork, floor screens, and plinths for our sculptures which are constructed of white oak, walnut, and burnt hemlock, utilizing King's geometric strength with his mastery in complex cuts, together we design structures to elevate your treasured pieces. Drawing inspiration from antique floor boards, and tile patterns found in Europe, King carefully calculates each angle to align in perfect synchronicity from each side, so each pattern is perfectly fit from every view of these dimensional masterpieces. The collection has been tailor-made in custom sizes to fit our range of sculptures, though these plinths are artwork in and of themselves, which makes them incredibly versatile so they may be used in an array of ways- whether it's for your treasured vessel, floral arrangements, you favourite vase, bowl, or dish, family heirloom, a cloched candle, or that curious item you found on a stroll, or simply to stack books upon, these beautiful pieces are sure to look great in any room, elevating whatever you place on them.

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