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Home Design/Staging ConsultationA back and forth via text to give a run down of the project, what you're looking for, what the budget is. We will ask for photos of spaces and items you like, and what you do not, and get a feel of who you are and what you're looking for out of your space. Working with the information you provide we come up with a loose plan, to make sure our vision is aligned. - $50 

Mood Board & Project Proposal After the information has been gathered from the consult, we put together a mood board to better help visualize the overall feel of the space. We also create a descriptive project proposal list of recommended projects if your design includes renovations or small changes. This is where you would comb over everything and give approval to make sure it meets the demands and functionality for your lifestyle as well as meeting your design aesthetic goals. There should be quite a bit of back and forth here to get everything just right. -Price starts at $400 for a room, and $200 per additional room after that.  

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