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Five Lies
  • Five Lies

    Make a statement with this hyperrealistic oil painting diptych on fine grade Belgian linen by internationally renowned fine artist Kit King. Comes with hand made blackened steel frame made by husband, Oda. 
    Subject is the artists sister, where 5 alterations were made to imbed 5 lies within the information of the high detail. 
    “Our faces hold so many stories. They give so many clues as to who we are and what lifestyle we live, whether we are happy and smile often or cry often? Whether we spend our summers under the sun, or if we prefer indoors. Have we had a kind life or have we earned our right to live? Are we secure with our visage or do we mask it and alter it? Even the specific alterations we make say much about our particular insecurities and what we find important and what we deem beautiful. Scars, wrinkles, freckles, are just the tip of the information iceberg of what someone’s face can say about them. Look closely, what other stories can you see written on her face? If I change her history by rewriting her present how much of my subject remains true? If I take a face and strip it of the scars from childhood acne- have I stripped away the shy insecure personality that was born from it? If I take away the pristine porcelain skin and mare it with scars and sun born freckles and creases, do I have the same person in front of me?  
    Read the information on her face, can you find the five lies? Can you separate reality from fiction? Who is she to you?” 
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