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The Artist in Studio.
  • The Artist in Studio.

    Contemporary artist  Kit King in her studio by her painting “The Artist”  captured by photographer Koko King.
    “The Artist” explores the concept of the creative self- how we see ourselves va how the outside world sees us. The ongoing struggle to paint what is asked and expected of us vs what we are authentically called to create. This work is a self portrait within a self portrait. The person on the canvas, unrefined, raw, pained, rough, and incomplete. She pulls at her flesh as if in attempt to escape her physicality. The second artist,- the one painting, fully realized, refined, at ease- an illusion. She doesn’t really exist. She is an illusion. Flat as the paper she is rendered on.  Both the subjects faces are obscured which begs the viewer to ask ‘who is she?’  A painting of masks without faces. Facade and projection. 
    Signed small edition 18”x27”
    Limited edition of only 10, signed and numbered true to scale of the original painting at 40”x60”
    Photo rag archival print. 
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