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Wabi dish/bowl
  • Wabi dish/bowl


    Each wabi dish, pot, and bowl is hand made in small artisanal batches. Formed over earth and sand, then torched, you may find remnants of twigs, and it may have a lingering smoked scent. Each pieces is then hand glazed, with values ranging from charcoal, to black, and tones that may be more grey to brown. The dishes and bowls can be made with or without feet.  

    Our wabi dishes and bowls come with several finishes as well- smooth, natural and raw. Smooth showcases the artist hand the most. The natural is the middle ground between nature and the artists hand. And raw is the most natural finish with pits and heavy texture and organic formations. If you do not specify, you will be sent one at random.

    The wabi collection is waterproof, and can be used for indoor or outdoor use. If there is constant exposure to water or the elements, the pantia may change overtime. 

    They are meant to be decorative, not food safe, though they may be used to hold fruit, or other cased foods. 

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