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Wabi pot
  • Wabi pot

    This weighted mini pot with stoney texture, is hand formed in small artisanal batches, and each one is hand glazed with a unique patina, making no two alike.  
    Colours range from charcoal, to black, to blackish brown. Custom colours can be made- please contact if you’d like to inquire about having a custom tone. 
    Our wabi pots are waterproof, and can be used indoor or outdoor. Please note if there is constant long term exposer to the elements, the patina may change slightly over time. 
    To keep these pots heavy and as tip proof as possible, the core is solid, with the stem channel extending just slightly past the opening. Meaning these pots are best used with dried florals and branches. If a stem is too thick for the opening, simply whittle it to size. The weight of these pots allows for substantial branches in relation to the pot size. You can also use these with faux florals,  feathers, plumes, or simply on their own for a sculptural rich textured element.
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