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"We understand the importance of environmental psychology- how a space transcends the physical, and enters the metaphysical as each place we visit leaves an emotional imprint. A space has the ability to uplift you, inspire you, calm you, revitalize you; whether you like it or not every place you find yourself occupying affects the mental and emotional part of you.

We have become entranced by the physical worlds ability to manipulate our lifes experience as such.

And so we want to optimize the quality of our life by maximizing serenity through the objects that surround and ground us. 

In a world that is growing increasingly more hectic, we want to be able to offer this enrichment to others, while simultaneously offering a more sustainable approach to design."


Working with an aesthetic grounded in simplicity and timelessness that embraces the imperfect, utilizing the harmony of raw materials and sourcing antiquities from around the globe, our designs are a contemporary take on borrowed pasts, with a worldly undertone that lends itself well to a variety of spaces. Whether you are looking to update a century old farmhouse, or a modern condo, we can help design a smart space that functions for your needs while creating a timeless sophistication that works in the space that you can enjoy for years to come. We encourage bringing your personality into your space and work with you to express this through our honed design sensibility. We aim to work wonders within your budget- staying true to our ethos on sustainability, to integrate your treasured pieces, and working with the hidden potential of what's already there. In offering our design guidance our goal isn't just in the visual end result of the space, but also in having harmonized your lifestyle with your home. 


If you need an expert eye to help you finesse your furnishings and decor, we specialize in editing the home environment. With a little time and care, we have the vision for maximizing what you've got and guiding you to the perfect purchases to take your space to the next level. We pride ourselves on making big impact without breaking the bank, and guiding clients through an editing process they feel comfortable taking on themselves. We work with your existing skills and schedule to find the perfect balance to optimize your design results.


If your goal is to maximize your real estate investment for re-sale, Oda and King can help you re-imagine your space to meet its potential and the expectations of buyers. We specialize in determining colour schemes, editing and recommending furnishings and decor, and highlighting necessary improvement projects. We work with the things that you already have to keep costs low, and to encourage your money to be spent where you will see the most return. 


In an effort to navigate a post-covid world while simultaneously providing affordable interior design guidance that is not limited to local projects, Oda & King works with clients from all over the globe to achieve their interior goals with an e-design approach. Doing all design consulting online and with direct messaging/text/ e-mail, voice notes, videos, it saves you time from in person meetings, and gets right to it. You can now get a professionally designed interior by working with us right at your fingertips. 




 With each project being unique- ranging from aid with small room selections, to full home renovations, prices are based per project. Please CONTACT US to quote the design services required.

If you're looking for help with a smaller project or insight for design specifics, we offer $1000 for selection aid which may be purchased HERE.

Additionally when purchasing a design package you qualify for 20% off items in our shop to help outfit the space.




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