Sample Spheres
  • Sample Spheres


    Customized decorative samples for our stone and plaster products that double as decorative pieces you can leave out anywhere. Select the number of spheres you’d like from the drop down menu, and leave a note at checkout for which tones you’d like them in, (best way is to give a paint code/name so we can pigment match, or specify which of our in-house options you’d like). Additionally please state if you’d like the smoother “slight texture” finish or the “heavy texture” finish or a combination of them. Please include any other specifications you have. If it cannot all fit in the checkout notes, feel free to email. Please add your order number in the email so we can find it easily come order fulfilment.

    We can make these in any tone and color match. Or you can select from our in-house options which include:

    -aged umber





    You can even mix and match and have a set that includes several tonal options.

    Depicted here is our “Aged Umber” sample set, which shows how a single pigment can vary depending on the application. It comes with a light, medium, dark, dimensional (this option shows the full umber value range), and textured Aged Umber option to show an alternate texture option for our lights.

    If one of the spheres or sets doesn’t include what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us for a sample customization.

    Please note all sets come in varying sizes ranging from 2.5”-7”